How fashion became more fun and daring in the 60s


Imagine, the 60s were like an explosion at a paint factory! Everything around became bright and lively, and people were not afraid to experiment with their outfits. This is the time when the miniskirt came onto the scene and everything became a little freer and more interesting.

Light music on clothes
It seems that back then everyone was all about looking like you were ready to go to a party at any moment. People chose orange sweaters, pink pants and T-shirts with colors so bright they made their eyes run wild. What about prints? They looked like they came from paintings by modern artists or the covers of science fiction books.

Briefly about the main thing
Mary Quant is the fashionista who took and cut off half of her skirt, offering the world a mini. And it turned out that such a skirt is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. But this does not mean that long dresses have gone out of fashion – they have simply become a choice for more formal occasions.How fashion became more fun and daring in the 60s

Space is upon us
And back in the ’60s, everyone was obsessed with the space race. Therefore, it is not surprising that metallic shades and shiny fabrics appeared in clothes. What about the platforms? They were so high that it seemed like you could fly straight into space from them.

The stars set the tone
The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” – all this inspired. After all, fashion then was no longer just dresses and suits, it became a way to tell the world who you are.

What they can’t come up with
And of course, you can’t go anywhere without accessories. Glasses that seemed to come from the future – round and colored, beads and bracelets that added zest to any look. Well, who would have thought that jewelry would become so fashionable?

This is how the 60s turned clothing into a creative field, giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves. During these years, you didn’t have to be like everyone else to be stylish. You just had to be yourself and be a little bold in your wardrobe choices.

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