Testing of counter-rotating floating wind turbines begins in Norway


Tests of a new type of wind turbine with a unique design, 19 meters high and a power of 30 kilowatts have started in Norwegian waters. These vertical axis dual rotation turbines, developed by World Wide Wind, have their generators mounted below the surface of the water, providing additional stabilization and reducing the number of mountings required.

The turbine system uses two vertical axles with a triple set of blades angled at 45 degrees to intercept wind more efficiently. While the lower turbine rotates in one direction, its upper counterpart, located on the same axis, rotates in the opposite direction, doubling the energy generation efficiency.Testing of counter-rotating floating wind turbines begins in Norway

Thanks to a simple but efficient blade design, these turbines can capture wind and convert it into energy for most of their rotation cycle. The generator is adjusted with microsecond precision to control the speed of rotation, allowing you to make the most of every gust of wind.

This stable design allows wind turbines to automatically find the optimal position relative to the wind and operate efficiently regardless of its direction. And thanks to reduced blade tip speed and minimized tracking zones, such turbines can be installed closer together, increasing energy production per square meter of a wind farm.

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