Maximum immersion into childhood”: RoboCop Rogue City launched on Steam with many positive reviews


The game “RoboCop: Rogue City” has become one of the most successful new products from the publishing house Nacon on the Steam platform. After launching on Thursday last week, it quickly gained popularity, with the number of concurrent players reaching an impressive 4,687 by the weekend.

Only Ravenswatch and Blood Bowl 2 had better opening numbers, attracting 10,018 and 6,511 players respectively. For the Teyon studio, this is a particular success, since the new product was almost three times ahead of their previous game “Terminator: Resistance” – then the peak of starting players on Steam was only 1392.Maximum immersion into childhood": RoboCop Rogue City launched on Steam with many positive reviews

“RoboCop: Rogue City” has already received attention and approval from the gaming community, garnering rave reviews and reaching a rating of 92% on Steam. Players especially appreciate this game for its loyalty to the franchise, enjoying the deep atmosphere, high-quality graphics and respect for classic material. The shooter elements and implementation of the game as the iconic RoboCop also received a lot of praise. In light of the success of RoboCop: Rogue City, there are already proposals from fans to create a game about another famous character – Judge Dredd.

Fans describe the game as a true throwback to the style and aesthetic of the ’90s, infusing them with memories of movie heroes of the time and transporting them to a world where justice is meted out by the steely hand of RoboCop. Judging by the response, “RoboCop: Rogue City” offers not only action, but also a wave of nostalgia, evoking a feeling of “maximum immersion in childhood.”

The game has acquired a Russian localization with subtitles and an interface, which makes it accessible to a wide range of players in Russia and is sold in the Russian segment of Steam for 1,699 rubles.

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