Rumor: Baldur’s Gate 3 for Xbox Series X|S will be released on December 6


According to the latest rumors, the long-awaited release of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series X|S consoles is expected on December 6th of this year. This information was provided by the online resource eXputer, based on data from people familiar with the situation.

The publication emphasizes that the estimated release date of the game for Microsoft consoles may change, but at the moment this is the main guideline for fans and developers from Larian Studios. It’s worth noting that eXputer has previously accurately predicted release dates for other games, such as pinpointing the release date of Forza Motorsport for Xbox Series X|S and PC, which adds weight to their claims.Rumor: Baldur's Gate 3 for Xbox Series X|S will be released on December 6

It should be noted that during the testing stage of the Xbox version of the game, technical problems may arise that will require the release date to be postponed until the end of the year or even until the beginning of the next. However, according to insiders, a transfer is unlikely.

In addition, Sven Vincke, head of Larian Studios, confirmed that Baldur’s Gate 3 is scheduled to release on Xbox Series X|S consoles this year, highlighting that players can expect cross-platform progression and the ability to transfer saves between Steam and Microsoft gaming systems.

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