Fashion of the 80s: a time of colors and self-expression


80s fashion is like a big boombox playing the hits of Madonna and Michael Jackson. This decade turned out to be extremely bright and bold in terms of style. Everything screamed: “Look at me!” – from rich colors to neon night lights.

Neon, leggings and total comfort
Leggings became almost the most popular clothing; they were worn everywhere – from the gym to the club. Colors? Only the brightest! The ideal companions for these flashy leggings are layered skirts and oversized sweaters with large prints and patterns.

Shall we play shoulders?
Shoulders were probably at the peak of their popularity in the 80s. Shoulder pads in jacket, blouse, and even dress silhouettes added structure and drama to looks, making the silhouette more powerful and memorable.

Denim mania
Denim is a timeless material, but it experienced a real explosion in popularity in the 80s. Denim jackets, vests, skirts and, of course, jeans. And all this was often decorated with rivets, embroidery or even lace.

Fashion of the 80s: a time of colors and self-expression
LOS ANGELES – 1986: Actress and singer Vanessa Williams poses for a portrait session in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

Influence of music and cinema
Music and cinema of that time played a big role in fashion. Madonna’s fans copied her corsets, fingerless gloves and collars, and the film “Flashdance” inspired sports tops and cut-out sweatshirts.

Accessories at maximum speed
If accessories, then nothing modest either: massive hoop earrings, bracelets for arms and legs, wide belts and bright bags. Branded items with logos were especially valued – the larger and more noticeable, the better.

Grunge and new wave
The end of the 80s brought with it the beginning of grunge style and new wave with their ripped jeans, flannel shirts and dark makeup line, paving the way for 90s fashion.

This was the 80s: a period when fashion became a field for experimentation and innovation, and the streets turned into catwalks where everyone could be the star of their own personal show.

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