90s fashion: freedom, style and grunge


The nineties began with echoes of the 80s, but quickly found their own unique rhythm. This is a time when style became more intimate, with an emphasis on comfort and simplicity. Let’s remember which trends have become icons of an entire era.

Casual jeans
Skinny, high-waisted mom jeans have taken the streets by storm. They were worn with crop tops or “suspender” T-shirts, which emphasized an informal and relaxed look.

Return to naturalness
Goodbye bouffant hairstyles and tons of hairspray! Hello natural beauty and minimalism. In the 90s, fashion for makeup and hairstyle became simpler and more natural, reflecting the general trend towards naturalness and health care.

Grunge as a way of life
Thanks to the group Nirvana and founder Kurt Cobain, grunge became not just a musical movement, but also a full-fledged clothing style. Ripped jeans, flannel shirts and worn leather jackets are the attributes of true grunge.90s fashion: freedom, style and grunge

Sports and hip-hop inspiration
Sports brands have skyrocketed in popularity. Adidas, Nike and Reebok have clothed everyone from high school kids to rap stars. Hip-hop culture also brought wide-leg pants, basketball jerseys, and backward caps into fashion.

Accessories are part of history
Chain belts, chokers, key rings and chunky sneakers – accessories of the nineties became the calling card of many teenagers of that time.

Vintage revival
In the nineties, a love for vintage suddenly surfaced: antique items came into fashion – from sunglasses in the style of John Lennon to cropped jackets reminiscent of the retro style of the 60s and 70s.

Unisex style
Unisex fashion became a big theme in the 90s, with clothing suitable for both men and women, which was a symbol of equality and freedom.

The Nineties left behind a legacy of ease and no frills, arguing that true style did not require sacrifice and could be comfortable and accessible to everyone.

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