Fashion of the 70s: when freedom became style


If the fashion of the 70s could be contained in one vinyl record, it would be a mix tape of all the hits of that decade. Freedom is what has become the main trend in both music and clothing.

Bell jeans and the floral revolution
While disco balls were spinning on the dance floors, bell-shaped jeans were walking on the streets, which were almost the hallmark of the 70s. They were comfortable, practical and, importantly, looked chic with platforms.

Return to nature
The environmental movement was growing and this was reflected in clothing. Natural fabrics, ethnic prints, leather and suede – things in the “back to nature” style have become mega-popular. The fashion of those years seemed to say: “Take care of the planet and wear something that does not harm it.”

Glamor to the max Fashion of the 70s: when freedom became style
Meanwhile, at parties and clubs, the disco era showed that sparkling and shining is not overkill, but simply normal. Sequins, lamé, reflections of metallic thread in knitwear – if you wear such an outfit, then you are a disco star.

Music icons are the new fashion icons
And what about without idols? David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, ABBA – their style quickly moved from concert posters directly into the wardrobe of fans. It was a time when musical idols became style icons.

Unisex and emancipation
And yes, then there was no longer a clear division “this is for girls, this is for boys.” Fashion became unisex: men could wear blouses and women could wear men’s suits. Silhouettes became looser, reflecting social change and the movement for equality.

Cool glasses and more
Accessories? Oh, it’s full speed ahead! Large round glasses, chunky jewelry, wide belts and knitted hats. All this added character and individuality to the images.

So here it is, fashion of the 70s – dynamic, diverse and full of self-expression. There are no strict rules, only experiments and confidence in every step. It was possible to take all the best from the past and boldly step into the future.

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