Rener gave advice on properly pumping arm muscles


Fitness instructor Nicole Thompson shared her recommendations for arm training, as reported by Shape. She emphasizes that the importance of working not only the arms, but also major muscle groups such as the abs, obliques and lower back cannot be underestimated. This is necessary to strengthen your back and prevent possible injuries.

Thompson explains that maintaining proper back alignment is the key to effective and safe workouts. Curving or arching of the back should be avoided so as not to cause stress on the spine. She also advises not to straighten the joints completely to avoid unwanted tension and damage to the ligaments.Rener gave advice on properly pumping arm muscles

In practice, Thompson says the exercises should be performed with full control of movement to minimize the chance of bruising or tearing. Calm, moderate breathing during exercise will help maintain rhythm and provide blood to the muscles. The instructor also recommends starting with a weight that won’t interfere with technique, and gradually increasing the load once the form of the exercises is perfected.

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