Details of Protopopov’s death became known


Information about the death of the outstanding figure skater Oleg Protopopov appeared on the official page of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. It is known that the athlete passed away in his sleep on October 31, but the exact circumstances of his death have not yet been disclosed. FFKKR joins the mourning words addressed to Protopopov’s relatives and friends, emphasizing his fond memory and significant contribution to sports.

The news of farewell to the legendary skater became known on November 3. Oleg Alekseevich was 91 years old.Details of Protopopov's death became known

From the beginning of 1979, Protopopov, together with his wife Lyudmila Belousova, also an Olympic champion, settled in Switzerland. In mid-2022, he faced a problem: their home was facing major renovations, and the owners demanded that all residents temporarily vacate the apartment. Protopopov then expressed concern about finding new housing and transporting personal belongings.

Tatyana Tarasova, the famous Soviet coach, appealed to the public to support Protopopov. She described his life situation, mentioning that he was in difficult circumstances, living modestly, relying on a small income and pension.

Protopopov and Belousova, who retired in 2017, were figure skating icons for the USSR, winning Olympic gold twice, in Innsbruck in 1964 and Grenoble in 1968, and becoming world champions four times, putting pairs skating on the map.

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