The cause of weakness and fatigue after a night’s sleep has been named


Iranian scientists have found that if a person wakes up in the morning and feels groggy, as if he hadn’t slept at all, this may be a sign of more serious problems than just poor sleep. This condition was called paradoxical insomnia – when a person was sleeping, but for some reason the body thinks that he is not.

Imagine, you are sleeping, and in the morning you feel as if you spent the whole night counting sheep that did not want to jump over the fence. Or it seems that he spent the night thinking about the eternal, and not in the arms of Morpheus. So it turns out that this condition can indicate anxiety or depression, because these unpleasant things make the nervous system work for wear and tear.The cause of weakness and fatigue after a night's sleep has been named

Scientists suspect that if the room is too bright or noisy, and you also drink coffee before bed, then you will not be in danger of a restful sleep. The same thing, if your head is filled with worries and pessimistic thoughts, then it will not be easy to sleep. The heart rate quickens, stress hormones, such as cortisol, jump – and here you have guaranteed problems with the quality of sleep.

So if this happens, you must first of all start creating the right environment for sleep: make it quiet and dark, give up bad habits like coffee before bed. And also – what is important – contact a specialist. Because when it comes to mental health, self-medication is not the best option. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help, it is precisely designed to combat incorrect thoughts and emotions that haunt you.

Here are the things, in short. If you often feel tired in the morning, even though you seemed to have slept normally, you should think about it and perhaps seek professional help.

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