Pharmacists could prevent millions of strokes and heart attacks, study finds


A study conducted by the University of Virginia found that if pharmacists could prescribe medications to combat high blood pressure, a host of health-related problems could be avoided. In the US, for example, up to 15 million heart attacks and almost 8 million strokes could have been prevented over the past 30 years. Moreover, this is not only about people’s health, but also about large sums – scientific work claims that savings could amount to over a trillion dollars.Pharmacists could prevent millions of strokes and heart attacks, study finds

Pharmacies are often the only place where people can get medical care, especially in remote areas. Scientists noted that in the United States, visiting a pharmacy is easier and more accessible than going to a doctor. If pharmacists could prescribe medications for high blood pressure, it would significantly reduce the number of people with hypertension and prevent a number of serious complications, including kidney failure.

Overall, the results of this study highlight how important it is to rethink the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system and give them more authority to combat widespread problems such as high blood pressure.

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