It has been established what harm the male genitourinary system causes vaping


Cumhuriyet University links vaping to shrinking testicles in men

Researchers from Cumhuriyet University (Turkey) have found that vaping has a negative effect on the size of male testicles. The results of the work of scientists were presented in the journal Revista Internacional de Andrología.

The authors used an animal model to study the effect of vaping on the state of the male genitourinary system. The scientists divided 24 male rats into three groups: the first was a control group, the second was exposed to vapor from vaping (the liquid contained 0.6 milligrams of nicotine, but it did not contain flavors and flavors), and the third was exposed to tobacco smoke.It has been established what harm the male genitourinary system causes vaping

Urinalysis was then taken from all rodents, testicular mass, sperm count and motility were measured, and testicular histology was performed. The results obtained were compared.

As it turned out, the second and third groups had smaller testicles than the first. In addition, scientists have found deformation of the seminiferous tubules and a decrease in the number of spermatozoa, as well as in rare cases, loss of mobility in spermatozoa and tissue necrosis. Also, analyzes showed an increase in the level of markers of oxidative stress.

“The results of the study suggest changes in testicular histopathology, spermogram, and oxidative stress parameters in rats exposed to tobacco smoke and vapor from e-cigarettes,” the scientists concluded.

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