A seal at the zoo started painting after a quarrel with its neighbor


An unusual event occurred in one of the Kaliningrad zoos: a seal named Caius, having survived a disagreement with a cellmate, turned to painting. Using a technique reminiscent of impasto, where paint is applied in thick layers, Caius found a way to relieve tension.

Svetlana Sokolova, the zoo’s director, shared the surprising news, saying that an argument between the animals led to Caius becoming more aggressive. This became the reason for specialists to start looking for a way to help him.A seal at the zoo started painting after a quarrel with its neighbor

The zoo veterinarian, during therapeutic sessions with the seal, introduced him to the art of painting, offering him as a brush a specially adapted tool that Caius holds in his mouth. His interest in drawing not only calmed the seal, but also turned him into an unexpected artist, wowing visitors with his abstract works.

Adding this new activity to Caius’ daily routine has been a positive boost for his psyche. Inspired by Caius’ success, zoo staff are considering introducing similar creative therapies to other animals. Research shows that creative activities can significantly improve the emotional well-being of captive animals, providing them with a stimulus for mental alertness and preventing depression. Caius has already gained a small fan base, and his paintings are attracting interest not only among visitors, but also among experts who study animal behavior.

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