The Pentagon launched a site to view declassified UFO videos


The US government approved the idea of the Pentagon to make publicly available information about recorded “unknown air phenomena” (IAF), as it is now decided to call the former UFOs. On a special site, those videos that are not classified as “secret” will be published. It will also contain information about the location and details of the incidents.

Like everything related to the public sphere in the military department, the content of the site is extremely stingy. All information is presented concisely, the authors of the publications do not make any assumptions, do not put forward versions and do not try to explain what is captured on the video. The only thing that can be understood for sure isThe Pentagon launched a site to view declassified UFO videos that these are not hypothetical “little green men”, and this does not pose a threat. At least according to the US military.

The creation of such a site is a kind of breakthrough for the US authorities, an attempt to get rid of the shackles of bureaucracy when working with information about illegal armed formations. Alas, only civil servants, including the military, can publish data on the site, which they are not at all happy about. A huge number of incidents with illegal armed groups will pass by the site only because they occurred with the participation of civilians. As former naval pilot and congressional UFO whistleblower Ryan Graves complains, the military does not record such cases at all, no matter how detailed information is provided to them.


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