The Art of Controlling Dragons and Baron Nashor


In the world of League of Legends, securing objectives like Dragons and Baron Nashor can significantly tip the scales in your favor. These powerful monsters offer team-wide advantages that can lead to victory. However, understanding how to control and contest these objectives is an art in itself. Here’s a guide on mastering the art of fighting for Dragons and Baron Nashor:

Objective Importance:

Understand the significance of Dragons and Baron Nashor. Dragons provide various buffs, while Baron Nashor enhances your team’s pushing power. Determine which objective is a priority based on the current game state.

Warding and Vision:

Vision control around the objective pit is crucial. Place wards in strategic locations to spot enemy movements and prevent sneak attacks or steals.

Timing Is Everything:

Dragons and Baron Nashor spawn at specific times. Learn these timings and prepare your team to secure or contest them accordingly.

Team Coordination:The Art of Controlling Dragons and Baron Nashor

Successful objective control requires teamwork. Communicate with your team and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding when and how to engage.

Zone Control:

Create zones of control around the objective pit. Use crowd control abilities to deter enemy champions from entering the area or engaging in a fight.

Objective Damaging Abilities:

Some champions have abilities that deal significant damage to objectives. Utilize these abilities to speed up your objective takedowns.

Peel and Protect:

During an objective fight, protect your team’s damage dealers and peel for them if the enemy engages. Ensuring your carries stay alive can be the key to victory.

Objective Priority:

In the early game, prioritize elemental Dragons (Infernal, Mountain, Ocean, and Cloud) for their immediate benefits. In the late game, prioritize Elder Dragon or Baron Nashor to secure a game-changing advantage.

Objective Resets:

Some objectives will reset and heal if you disengage from the pit. Be mindful of this when deciding whether to commit to a fight or back off.

Smite Accuracy:

If you’re the team’s jungler, ensure your Smite ability is ready and your timing is precise. Smite is essential for securing objectives.


Use abilities or wards to scout the enemy team’s movements and position. Knowledge of their intentions can be a game-changer in objective fights.

By mastering the art of controlling Dragons and Baron Nashor, you can lead your team to victory in League of Legends. Coordination, timing, and vision control are essential skills in securing these game-changing objectives.


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