Starfield ending – how the game’s storyline ended and what happened at the end of the game


Starfield is an open-world space-themed role-playing game that offers a variety of story options. However, the game only has one final ending. In this article we will look at the ending of Starfield.

Starfield ending explained
Starfield’s ending is open ended and may leave many players confused. After defeating the final boss, your character will receive the last artifacts that must be placed in the Astrolabium on your ship. After this, the gravity drive will be activated and you will be able to embark on a journey towards Unity.Starfield ending - how the game's storyline ended and what happened at the end of the game

You will then be asked to choose: return to your universe or continue your journey into Unity. You will have some time to explore your surroundings and understand how your actions have affected the galaxy.

Once you enter Unity, the main storyline will end. After this, the game’s credits will begin. Your character will retain memory of past events and will be able to use this knowledge in subsequent playthroughs of the game.

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