Secrets to Successful Teamfighting


In the action-packed arena of League of Legends, teamfights are often the deciding factor in a match’s outcome. Knowing how to excel in these chaotic brawls is a crucial skill for any player Here’s a guide on the secrets to achieving success in teamfights:

Positioning Matters:

Proper positioning is paramount. As a squishy damage dealer, stay at the back of your team to minimize the risk of being caught out. Tanks and frontliners should engage and soak up damage.

Focus Fire:

Coordinate with your team to focus fire on a single target. Taking down one enemy quickly can give your team a significant advantage.

Use Crowd Control Wisely:

Crowd control (CC) abilities like stuns, roots, and slows can turn the tide of a fight. Time your CC abilities effectively to disrupt the enemy team’s plans.

Target Selection:

Prioritize high-value targets like enemy carries or champions with important crowd control abilities. Eliminating them can swing the fight in your favor.

Vision Control:

Maintaining vision in teamfight areas is essential. Place wards to spot enemy movements and prevent surprise attacks.Secrets to Successful Teamfighting

Map Awareness:

Keep an eye on the minimap during fights to gauge your team’s position and the enemy’s movements. This helps you make informed decisions.

Ultimate Abilities:

Save your ultimate abilities for crucial moments in teamfights. A well-timed ult can change the course of a battle.

Item Actives:

Don’t forget about item actives like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guardian Angel. These can provide you with a second chance in a fight or disrupt the enemy’s plans.


Effective communication with your team is key. Use pings or voice chat to coordinate engages, disengages, and target selection.

Kiting and Orb Walking:

For ranged champions, practice kiting and orb walking to maintain distance while dealing damage. This keeps you safer during fights.

Cooldown Management:

Be aware of your ability cooldowns and use them strategically. Don’t commit to a fight without crucial abilities available.

Stay Calm:

Teamfights can be hectic, but maintaining a cool head is crucial. Panic can lead to poor decisions. Stay focused on your role and objectives.

Learn from Experience:

Review your teamfights in replays to identify mistakes and areas for improvement. Learning from past experiences is key to becoming a better player.
By mastering these secrets to successful teamfighting, you can become a more valuable asset to your team and increase your chances of victory in League of Legends. Good luck on the battlefield!

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