Secrets to Improving Farming and Farming Abilities


In League of Legends, farming (often referred to as “CSing” or “last-hitting”) is a fundamental skill that directly impacts your gold income and overall performance in the game. Here are some secrets to help you improve your farming and farming abilities from league of legends pbe account:

1. Practice Last-Hitting:

Last-hitting minions is the primary way to earn gold. Spend time practicing in custom games or training mode to improve your timing and accuracy.

2. Focus on Minion Health Bars:

Pay close attention to the health bars of minions. Try to time your attacks or abilities to secure the last hit when a minion’s health is low enough.

3. Use Attack-Move:

Attack-Move (A-Move) can help you efficiently target and last-hit minions, especially in hectic situations.

4. Manage Wave Positioning:

Understand when to push or freeze the minion wave. Freezing the wave near your tower denies the enemy laner farm and makes you safer from ganks.

5. Prioritize Cannon Minions:

Cannon minions yield more gold and experience than regular minions. Make an extra effort to last-hit them.

6. Farm Under Tower:

Learn how to last-hit under your tower. Melee minions require two turret shots and one auto-attack, while ranged minions need one auto-attack after taking one turret shot.

7. Use Abilities Wisely:

Use abilities with low mana costs or short cooldowns to secure difficult last-hits or to push the wave when necessary.Secrets to Improving Farming and Farming Abilities

8. Build Attack Speed:

Attack speed items can help you last-hit more effectively, particularly on champions with slow attack animations.

9. Avoid Unnecessary Trades:

Minimize risky trades with your opponent, especially if it will cost you CS. Prioritize farming over unnecessary fights.

10. Watch High-Elo Players:
– Watch high-elo players’ streams or replays to observe their farming techniques and positioning in lane.

11. Stay Calm:
– Farming can be challenging, but staying calm and focused is crucial. Don’t let pressure or harass from your opponent disrupt your CS.

12. Track Waves:
– Pay attention to minion waves’ positions and timings. This knowledge helps you plan your movements and rotations.

Improving your farming skills takes practice and patience, but it’s one of the most reliable ways to gain an advantage in League of Legends. Keep practicing and refining your technique, and you’ll see improvements in your overall performance in the game.


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