Scientists have figured out how to control light using light


Researchers from the CUNY Graduate Center have presented a revolutionary method for manipulating light with light, as documented in their publication in Nature Physics. The project is based on the use of resonant cavities of non-standard shape – in the form of a stadium, which makes it possible to study chaotic modes of light. In this configuration, light entering the cavity is not only reflected and scattered inside, but can also be captured to analyze its path and structure.

Typically, resonant cavities with a circular or elliptical shape are used to maintain distinct frequencies, with each frequency corresponding to a specific type of wave pattern. But in the new stadium-shaped cavity, each input frequency signal is capable of exciting multiple light patterns, creating a complex pattern of interference and scattering.Scientists have figured out how to control light using light

A key element of their research was the discovery that complex patterns of light could be manipulated using coherent control principles. This is achieved by finely tuning the two light sources sent into the cavity: by changing their intensity and phase delay, the scientists were able to control the light patterns, something hitherto thought impossible.

Non-reflective mode control (MRM) technology demonstrates the unique ability of light to influence itself, providing advantages in precision and control that can be used in a variety of fields, including laser technology, fiber optic communications, and sensor and quantum computer systems. .

This research not only advances understanding of the fundamental properties of light, but also provides practical solutions for more efficient control and manipulation of light in technological applications, opening new horizons for innovative developments in the field of photonics.

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