Russia predicted an increase in the number of Chinese goods to replace Western ones


Synergy: Russia and China can double trade by 2030

China’s goal of reaching $200 billion in trade with Russia ahead of schedule is quite realistic. This was reported to Gazeta.Ru by Oleg Remyga, Vice President for Business Development, Head of the China Direction of the Synergy Corporation. This is how he commented on the statements of the Chinese Ambassador to Russia, Zhang Hanhui, about plans to reach the goal of $200 billion in trade with Moscow ahead of schedule.

The expert noted that earlier Russia had a positive trade balance with China, but now the situation has changed. After the beginning of the NWO, imports of Chinese goods began to exceed exports, that is, a negative balance arose. According to the expert, this means that there will be more Chinese goods in Russia, which will replace Western counterparts that have left the market.Russia predicted an increase in the number of Chinese goods to replace Western ones

According to him, in six months the bilateral trade has already exceeded $114 billion, which is 40% more than the same period last year. Moreover, the expert expects that by 2030 countries can double the interaction to $400 billion.

Remyga noted that after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, energy remains the priority of trade between Russia and China: the Russian Federation exports minerals, and the PRC supplies machinery equipment. At the same time, after the sanctions, this trend has only intensified and will continue to develop.

The expert named agricultural products as the second important direction. Deliveries of Russian food products to China are actively growing and will increase, Remyga noted.

At the beginning of the week, experts noticed that the demand for equipment from China and Turkey had sharply increased in Russia.

Earlier, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui said that Russia and China could reach the goal of $200 billion in trade between the countries ahead of schedule.

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