Riot have announced a big Yuumi rework


Riot Games has announced a major champion update in League of Legends. It will affect one of the game’s most controversial champions, the Yuumi sapporter. For accounts featuring this critter, we suggest going to

The magical cat Yuumi appeared in Summoner’s Gorge in 2019 and has since become a regular in matches of various ranks and levels. The character is easy to learn and deadly in the hands of high ELO players: Yuumi’s pickrate is over 10%, and the magic cat has appeared over 100,000 times.

The combination of Yumi’s defense and caster abilities, hyper-scalable identity, access to powerful interaction tools, and the inability to select her as a target create the perfect conditions for frustrating gameplay with little or no means of countering it.

Since the character’s release, Riot tried to fix things, but all attempts remained fruitless. Yuumi kept appearing in Summoner’s Ravine, and at the higher levels of the League, in combination with a skilful partner, the champion was broken: aggressive linemen and characters like Draven and Lucian, sharpened for line domination, did not cope with their functions.

Riot intends to deal with this situation in early 2023. The developers don’t want to “kill” the champion, but Yuumi will be significantly revamped by weakening her directional abilities, which in turn will make it easier to deal with the cat in the early stages of the game and make combinations with her less able to counter aggressive matchups.

Along with this, Yuumi will remain an accessible character for newcomers. Riot Games plans to reveal more details about the Yuumi rework in the foreseeable future.

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