Riot Games will redesign Aurelion Sola in patch 13.3


League of Legends developers from Riot Games have announced a major redesign of Aurelion Sol’s character. The space dragon will get a modified set of skills, and from the previous Aurelion Sola will remain only the model, color scheme and voicing.
Aurelion Sola’s new abilities

Apparently, Riot decided to give Aurelius more leeway thanks to Spaceflight[W], which adds mobility to the champion. In addition, the champion will get the ability to skulk thanks to the new passive skill Universal Creator.

Universal Creator (passive skill)

Riot Games will redesign Aurelion Sola in patch 13.3

Damage-dealing abilities grant Aurelion star matter, which improves the rest of the champion’s skills.

Breath of the Sun -[Q]

Riot Games will redesign Aurelion Sola in patch 13.3

For several seconds, Aurelion Sol breathes fire in the direction of the cursor, dealing damage to the first enemy hit, as well as lesser amounts of damage to other nearby enemies. Each time a target is struck by fire for 1 second total, an explosion occurs that deals additional damage. Explosions affecting enemy champions grant Sol’s Breath of the Star Matter.

Breath of the Sun deals more damage to champions. The range depends on Aurelion Sol’s level.

Stellar Matter increases damage from explosions.

Spaceflight -[W]

Riot Games will redesign Aurelion Sola in patch 13.3

Aurelion Sol flies to the chosen location through the elements of the landscape. In doing so, he is visible to nearby enemies even from the fog of war. Aurelion Sol can use other skills while flying. In addition, Breath of the Sun can be used without restriction during this time and deals additional damage.

The remaining recharge time of Space Flight is reduced when an enemy champion that Aurelion Sol has recently damaged dies.

Stellar Matter increases the maximum range of the ability.

Singularity -[E]

Riot Games will redesign Aurelion Sola in patch 13.3

Aurelion Sol creates a black hole for a few seconds that damages enemies and slowly draws them to its center. The singularity grants star matter for every second that enemy champions are in it.Enemies in the center of the black hole die when their health drops below a certain percentage. When they do so, Aurelion Sol receives stellar matter, the amount of which depends on the type of enemy that died.Stellar matter increases the size of the black hole (including the area in the center) and raises the execution threshold.

Ultimatum Ability -[R]

Riot Games will redesign Aurelion Sola in patch 13.3

Shooting Star. A star falls to the ground that deals magic damage and stuns affected enemies. Aurelion Sol gains Star Matter for each enemy champion affected.

Star Matter increases the area of effect of the skill. When Aurelion Sol accumulates 75 units of Stellar Matter, his next Shooting Star turns into Collapse of the Heavens.

Collapse of the Heavens. Aurelion Sol collapses a huge star with a greatly increased area of effect onto the ground. It deals more damage and tosses enemies instead of stunning them. A shockwave then spreads out from the area of effect, dealing damage and slowing down the affected champions.

Aurelion Sol’s recycling didn’t happen out of thin air. The champion is clearly going through a bad time, not fitting into the meta and losing to virtually all competitors on the line.

In Western Europe, the character has a ridiculous pickrate – Aurelion Sol has appeared in Platinum+ ranked matches only 471 times. Such a sample is too small to analyze the winrate or determine the champion’s dash according to the analytical service, but it definitely gives an insight into the deplorable state of the Star Maker.

Aurelius’ changes will happen in Cycle 13.3, but when Riot plans to release the patch is unknown.

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