Potential Fallout 5 combat system could surpass Starfield’s


Despite the fact that Starfield has only recently appeared on the gaming scene, Bethesda fans are already anticipating the studio’s next steps. While it has been officially announced that the next project will be The Elder Scrolls 6, we can assume that Fallout 5 is looming on the horizon. Nothing concrete is known yet, but fans are already theorizing and making wish lists for the upcoming part. And while its release date is still a ways off, Fallout 5 may already have surpassed Starfield in one important way.

It’s too early to say which is better – Starfield or Fallout 5, since the latter has not even been officially announced yet. However, it can be assumed that Fallout 5 will follow the traditions of its predecessors and offer an original combat system. The game is expected to feature the typical first-person combat of modern Bethesda games, but will also feature the beloved VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) mechanic. This legendary feature has been a hallmark of the Fallout series, so its return makes sense and potentially enhances the overall combat experience.

Fallout’s combat is primarily weapon-based, which sets it apart from The Elder Scrolls series. Both Fallout and Starfield immerse players in a world where they acquire a variety of firearms to destroy their opponents. Despite the presence of melee weapons, firearms dominate the gameplay. As the player progresses, the firearms become increasingly dynamic and satisfying, forming a compelling combat loop that keeps them glued to the game.Potential Fallout 5 combat system could surpass Starfield's

While Starfield’s combat is arguably one of Bethesda’s best games, it’s missing one key element. Compared to Fallout, it not only looks more realistic and restrained, but also lacks the ability to use the VATS system. VATS gives Fallout’s combat a vitality that sets it apart from other RPGs. This is an element that Starfield lacks, which may reduce its appeal.

Because Starfield doesn’t emphasize melee combat, encounters with crowds of enemies can become hectic and overwhelming. VATS provides a respite from the chaos by allowing you to selectively hit your opponents. While combat in the first-person shooter Starfield may be superior to that of Fallout 4, the lack of VATS can make it more difficult and sometimes less fluid, especially in confined spaces such as tunnels and narrow corridors where players face hordes of enemies without the aid of the feature. slow motion.

Fallout 5 will likely build on the foundation laid by Starfield and create an even more immersive combat system. The addition of VATS could take it to unprecedented heights. With years to refine, Bethesda has the opportunity to create one of the most outstanding RPG combat systems to date. If Starfield can offer a fantastic gaming experience, then Fallout 5 can take this concept to a whole new level.

Although official details have not been released, it can be assumed that Fallout 5 will retain VATS, since it is an integral part of the franchise. Abandoning it would be unusual, since every previous game, including Fallout 76, featured VATS. Its inclusion should enhance the already strong combat system, fill the void left by Starfield’s release, and open up some interesting prospects for fans.

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