Packing light items


Spare sets of bed linen, fabrics, towels and drapes are placed in bags, after distributing the items in plastic bags where necessary. It is convenient to pack clothes and shoes in bags or suitcases, but if necessary, it is acceptable to use cardboard boxes. Sneakers, slippers, flip-flops and sneakers can be placed in a large bag, having first packed each pair in a plastic bag. For clothes that you don’t want to wrinkle, buy covers made of plastic or fabric.Packing light items

Books are laid out in stacks of 10-15 pieces, wrapped in paper or cling film and wrapped with tape. The finished stacks are placed in boxes, and the resulting voids are filled with soft rags or newspapers. Books weigh a lot, so they are packed in small but durable boxes, which are also carefully wrapped with tape.

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