Moving a cat to a new place


Moving with is a lot of stress for anyone and for pets. As a rule, dogs become attached to their owners, and cats become attached to the house and territory. This makes moving much more difficult for cats, especially to another city. Preparation:

Before moving, you should purchase a pet carrier of the appropriate size. If the cat has never seen such a bag, then you need to let it get used to it and get used to it. To do this, buy it a month before transportation, put a bowl of food or your favorite toys inside.
If the new apartment has not yet been completed, then it is better to protect the animal from unnecessary noise, as this is not a small stress for her.
Try to put all her things in one box so that they are completely accessible.
On the road, your pet may get motion sickness, so do not give him food 5-6 hours beforehand so that he does not accidentally vomit.
Calm the cat when moving, pet it, talk, if you are driving your car, you can sit it on your lap.Moving a cat to a new place
Immediately upon arrival – since things will be carried from the car into the apartment, the doors will be open, there will be a lot of noise from the tape, the elevator and strangers. It is better to leave the animal to one of your family or friends during this period. If this fails, try to isolate her from it. Lock it in a room or bathroom where she can eat, go to the toilet and play with toys; if this is not done, she may get scared and run away. Isolation in another room won’t work? Then just leave it in the carrier and put some food in it, but put the bag in the quietest place.
If the apartment is not ready yet and you urgently need to bring things in, do not make a victim out of the cat and do not force him to walk around the house, he will come out of the carrier when he is ready.
After moving:

Use the same bowls and tray, it is important that water is always available.
Be with the cat – after moving, relieve the cat’s stress, devote more time to it, it feels your emotions and you need to get used to the new home.
From my own experience, I can say that cats are quite vindictive animals, so if he didn’t like something, then after the move the cat will begin to go in the wrong place. In this case, scold her and show her every time where the tray is. Anyway, after moving, the cat goes to the toilet in the wrong place. It’s worth playing with her more so that she stops being angry and nervous, and you can help relieve her stress by buying treats that she loves.

If you want to protect the animal and there is no way to give it to someone, there are many hotels for animals where she will feel comfortable. There they will be able to calm her down, feed her, give her something to drink and play with. Moving a cat to a new owner? If this is a small kitten and he is not particularly used to you yet, then there is no need to worry, he will quickly get used to the new environment.

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