Microsoft patents 360-degree dual-display smartphone


On the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Microsoft has published a patent for an unusual flexible smartphone with two displays. This is the second attempt by the IT giant to establish itself in the market of foldable gadgets and thereby compete with eminent Koreans – Samsung and LG.

The first attempt, a foldable dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone, turned out to be more of a “pen test”: two versions of the 2019 and 2021 sample smartphone, although they went on sale, were subsequently discontinued.Microsoft patents 360-degree dual-display smartphone

The main feature of the novelty is an unusual folding mechanism. If for all similar devices the displays are folded exclusively “face to face”, then the brainchild of Microsoft also has “back to back”. For this purpose, a special and highly complex folding mechanism was developed, eliminating any potentially dangerous voltage for the display.

The attitude to the new product from Microsoft is still cautious: firstly, the development of such devices is far from the company’s main activity, and, secondly, the vast majority of users are in no hurry to replace traditional smartphones with a single display with “books”, even if they are very advanced.

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