Map Analysis: Placing Important Wards


In League of Legends, vision control is a vital aspect of gameplay. Placing wards in strategic locations can provide valuable information, prevent ganks, and secure objectives. Here’s a guide on where to place important wards on the map from league pbe account:

1. River Bushes:

Warding the river bushes near the mid lane and dragon/baron pit is crucial. These wards provide early warning of enemy movements and potential ganks.

2. Dragon and Baron Pit:

Placing wards inside the dragon and Baron Nashor pits ensures vision control over these crucial objectives. This helps your team secure or contest them.

3. Buff Camps:

Warding the enemy’s buff camps can help track the enemy jungler’s movements. This information allows your team to plan accordingly and steal buffs when possible.

4. Jungle Entrances:

Warding the entrances to your jungle and the enemy jungle can reveal enemy invades and protect your team’s jungle camps.Map Analysis: Placing Important Wards

5. Tri-bush:

In the top lane, the tri-bush is a common ganking path. Warding it can help prevent surprise attacks from the enemy jungler or top laner.

6. Lane Bushes:

In the laning phase, consider placing wards in the side bushes to prevent enemy laners from using them for surprise engages.

7. Rift Herald Pit:

If Rift Herald is a priority objective, ward the pit to keep an eye on its status and prevent the enemy team from taking it uncontested.

8. Base Entrances:

Placing wards near your base entrances can help spot enemy rotations and potential backdoor attempts.

Remember that warding is a team effort, and each player should contribute to vision control. Communication and vision denial (using control wards) are also essential components of effective map analysis and ward placement. By providing your team with better vision, you can make informed decisions and gain a significant advantage in your League of Legends matches.

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