League of Legends has kicked off the 2023 season


League of Legends has started its 13th competitive season, which marks the beginning of a new game year in the discipline of Riot Games. It’s a good time to stock up on smurf accounts from happysmurf.com Announcing the new period in the game was a special event Season 2023 Kickoffs, where representatives of the top 9 regions of the competitive League of Legends gathered.

In addition to Season 2023 Kickoffs, Riot Games prepared an informative video with the League of Legends development plans. In it they talked about the changes of the ranking mode in 2023, game rewards and plans for the coming year. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the main innovations that League of Legends will have in season 13.

Rating system changes

In the new competitive season, Riot Games has prepared several key changes for players. The first of them is the number of splits.

Now the game year in LoL will be divided into two splits. However, it is not worth waiting for the off-season in the pauses between them, as it happens in the period before the start of the new game year.

The second, and most important change to the rating system, is the resetting of LP and rank after the first split. This is to motivate players who want to fight for places in the ladder table to regularly play ranked matchmaking.

Split Rewards and Starting Quest Lineup

With the start of the 2023 season and the redesign of the ranking system, Riot will be changing their reward procedure. There will now be more of them for each of the splits:
Rewards for the first 2023 split in LoL

Hextack Chest – 10 season points
Hexteck Key – 40 season points
Random Ward Shard – 80 season points
Hexteck Key – 120 season points
Ranked Emotion – Split 1 – 160 season points
Hexteck Key – 200 season points
Permanent Champion K`sante – 240 season points
Hexteck Chest – 280 season points
Ranked profile icon – 320 season points
Hexteck Chest – 480 season points
500 orange essence – 600 season points
Series 1 Eternal Capsule – 720 season points
Masterpiece Chest – 800 season points

You can earn season points simply by playing ranked games. A win will earn 10 units, while a loss will bring 4 to 6.

In addition, all players of the ranked mode will receive a seasonal look. This was the case before, but to get it you had to raise Gold, and now it will be available for players of all ranks, with the difference being the required number of matches played for each rank (the higher the rank, the fewer games you need to get the look).

In addition to the rewards for playing in the ranked system, a welcome line of quests will be available to all players. These will be completed by playing with or against a “mystery champion” or by earning quest points just by playing.

Rewards of the quest line “The Beginning of the 2023 Season”

3000 units of blue essence
8 champion shards: Yasuo, Zed, Sejuani, Pantheon, Wukong, Atrox, Yorick, Katarina.
The icons for “Start of the 2023 Season” and “2023 Season”.
The image of the “Key to Success” warlocks.

Similar quest lineups will appear periodically in League of Legends throughout the year. Most often they will be timed to coincide with specific holidays and other milestone events.

New Champions and Minor Revisions

In 2023, Riot Games will focus on minor balance edits and revamping existing champions. Aurelion Sol’s rework has already been announced, and Ari will receive a visual update.

However, there are no plans to abandon the steady release of new characters. There are already two champions in development that will appear in League of Legends throughout 2023: Milio and Naafiri.

Milio, a cute warlock, will be a support character for the bottom line, having in his arsenal the spells of the fire school. Naafiri is the centerline assassin darquin.

Start of the professional season

Finally, with the start of the new season, professional League of Legends matches will resume. The first games will start on January 14 in China.

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