How to transport indoor plants correctly?


Plants are very fragile and delicate, so you need to treat them with the same care when moving with What do you need to know to prevent your pets from dying on the road? There are a few simple rules:

Packaging – this will be slightly different for each species, small and short houseplants can be transported in a container and be sure to fill the gaps between the pots with folded paper. Higher leaves can be carefully lifted and tied with a rope, then put in a box and remove problems using soft cardboard or paper, then close the lid. If the plant will climb out of the box, you need to raise the four sides of the roof and wrap it with tape for greater fixation.How to transport indoor plants correctly?
Placement in the car – if the weather is hot, you should remember that the plants will feel uncomfortable in the trunk and near the windows, as the car heats up. The ideal option would be to place it in the back seat or on the floor between the seats. If it inevitably ends up in the luggage compartment, you need to place a damp cloth on top of the packaged flower so that it heats up less, and also cover the bottom with cardboard or old newspapers.
Winter – under no circumstances should you take or transport unpacked indoor plants outside in winter. Due attention should be paid to the packaging, namely several layers of film and paper, as well as to ensure that a pre-heated interior awaits it.
Any flower, after arriving in a new home, requires the same conditions that it had in the previous apartment, namely temperature, humidity level and lighting. After winter moves, do not unpack it right away; it will take an hour or an hour and a half to warm up. If you follow the recommendations, the move will go with a bang!

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