How to transport a wardrobe


In order to transport the wardrobe you will need to call or completely disassemble it, it will be difficult, since most compartments are made to order and they are quite large and have glass facades. This task certainly cannot be accomplished by one person alone. If you do not have any experience in this field of activity, then it is better to immediately order professionals who will qualitatively disassemble, deliver and collect your valuable cargo. Before ordering a car, accurately measure the height of the room and the diagonal of the cabinet, and also do not forget to indicate whether you have mirrored facades. The parameters will be asked of you first of all, in any company; the number of loaders and the size of the machine will depend on the dimensions. If the cabinet can be disassembled while standing, then two people can handle it, but if it has to be disassembled on the floor, then four specialists can do it. The company will prepare in advance, buy packaging materials and select the right vehicle for transportation, which has special belts to secure the cargo. By correctly explaining the dimensions of the furniture and ordering services from professionals, you will definitely be satisfied with the work.How to transport a wardrobe

Transporting a wardrobe is not an easy task, but if you decide to do everything yourself, follow the instructions. First, think about who can help you in this matter, as this will not be an easy task. You should draw a diagram of the furniture design, this will help you with further assembly; mark all the shelves and parts with chalk so as not to lose anything. For packaging you will need bubble wrap, stretch, cardboard and tape. Next, transfer everything to the car and securely secure it with belts or rope. It is worth taking into account all the recommendations and the transportation will be successful.


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