How to properly pack things for moving?


We all want to quickly and easily pack our things for moving with; there are many details and points to consider, especially if you are moving to another city. Let’s focus on several points that will help you move “without nerves.”

Packaging materials:
The safety of your cargo directly depends on the choice and use of packaging materials. Poor quality or incorrect packaging can damage your items. So, let’s look at what needs to be used and why: boxes made of thick cardboard are universal packaging and protection from damage for any type of cargo (clothes, books, dishes, documents). You will also need stretch film (to ensure the safety of furniture when taken out of the room), tape (to secure the same boxes), bubble wrap or wrapping paper (suitable for fragile items).

Don’t forget about the markings, they will help you with further disassembly of the property and during loading it will help the loaders to navigate, who will immediately understand what is there and will correctly position the cargo in the car. Many boxes have a field for filling in the contents, but if not, then you can write on top, you can also write the name of the family member whose things are there and the room.

Furniture:How to properly pack things for moving?
If the furniture will not fit down the corridor, through a doorway, into an elevator or car, then it is better to immediately disassemble it and mark all the parts or capture the disassembly process in a photo. Also, put small accessories in a bag so as not to lose anything. After disassembling, wrap the furniture with stretch; the corners can be additionally secured with cardboard. Chairs, chests of drawers, bedside tables, tables do not need to be disassembled, you just need to unscrew the protruding places (arms, legs).

Small equipment just needs to be wrapped in wrapping paper and placed in a box of the same size. The refrigerator should be disassembled and the doors should be fixed, the shelves should be removed and packed separately. Be sure to wrap the TV in bubble wrap and secure it with tape.

Large boxes are suitable for clothes, bedding and children’s toys; it is better to put heavier items in medium boxes, as they should not be overloaded. Place the plants in a box and try to fill the empty space with paper so that they do not wobble from side to side; with fragile things, the situation with packaging is approximately the same as with plants. But remember that indoor plants do not tolerate cold and heat.

May your move be a success! You can make a list of things and the number of boxes so you don’t forget anything.

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