How to inform your parents about the move?


Moving with is a very important event in the life of any person, especially if you are leaving your parents and this will be your first home. Be sure to talk to your parents; it will be easier for them to cope with your move if you explain to them the reasons. How to tell your parents about the step into independent life?

We are planning a conversation – think about at what point it would be better to tell, perhaps at a family dinner. Explain why you want to live separately, for example, you want to become more independent, you want to live closer to your place of work or study, your relationship has moved to a more serious level.
Think about their possible experiences as parents – they can often experience similar feelings, such as concerns about your lack of independence, they may begin to miss you, doubts about the reliability of their partner or about the ability to pay for the apartment on their own.How to inform your parents about the move?
Another city – how to tell your parents about moving to another city so that they don’t worry? You need to approach this conversation more seriously, explain the advantages and possibilities of your coming to them with some frequency.
Budget – make a detailed plan for your expenses, ideally before moving, set aside an amount that will last you for several months in case of loss of income. The budget should include all expenses, such as apartment rent (usually paid for the first and last month when moving in), food, utility bills, entertainment and recreation. Don’t forget about saving.
Apartment – consider as many options as possible, look at them, the main thing is that you are comfortable and comfortable, and that the cost of housing does not exceed 35% of your earnings. If you don’t have enough, find roommates, ask your friends.

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