How to avoid moving cockroaches when moving?


Getting rid of parasites is difficult, sometimes even unrealistic; there can be many reasons for their proliferation in your apartment, for example, they ran away from unscrupulous neighbors, poor condition of the house or ventilation. If you manage to eradicate them, there is still the possibility of their return after some time. Getting rid of parasites and preparing for the move with

Clothes, bedding and so on – it’s trivial and just wash everything, absolutely all things, since you may not notice the presence of eggs, if the move takes place in the cold season, then you can hang the clothes on the balcony so that there are definitely no eggs left.
Household appliances will be a difficult process, you need to disassemble all the equipment and thoroughly wash all the parts, wash absolutely everything, so that there is no risk of them multiplying again.
Temperatures – this option is possible, put equipment or things outside and leave for 2-3 days, eggs and cockroaches will die from hypothermia. And also, on the contrary, expose everything to the heat, having previously wrapped it in a black bag. But you need to take into account the capabilities of your equipment, whether something will deteriorate from such temperature changes.How to avoid moving cockroaches when moving?
Furniture – everything is quite simple with cabinets, but sofas, armchairs and beds will be difficult to clean. Go over them thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, try to get into the most inaccessible places.
Disinfect and use our recommendations. The move will be successful! Where can cockroaches live? The most favorite places are quiet and secluded corners, which are most likely located near food. For example:

Household appliances – refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, food processor, kettle, toaster, oven. They are especially likely to live in these places if you don’t use them.
Furniture is mainly upper cabinets, shelves, jars of cereals, forgotten packages of cookies and corners that have not been cleaned for a long time.
Boxes – any boxes, for example with things or equipment. He can eat paper, so dark and warm areas will be a joy for him.

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