General information about forestry in League of Legends


In League of Legends, every champion has a specific role, be it a damager, tank or support champion. If you need a training account to try out all the roles, we recommend All these roles involve choosing a certain line. But there is one role that covers all locations and all lines and is perhaps the most complex and responsible – this is the role of the forester. Not every champion is suitable for the role of forester, we will talk about this a little below. The forester starts the game with a farm of forest monsters and comes to the line only with the goal of a gang, that is, he suddenly attacks from the forest and helps to kill the enemy champion.

The main advantage of the forester is his surprise and the presence of additional buffs. If you farm the forest correctly, you will not be inferior in level to your allies. The forester can easily give an advantage to his allies on different lines from the very beginning of the game and thereby bring victory in the match closer. Just like support champions, the forester often uses totems and provides control over key points on the map. It is worth starting to try to play as a forester only after you have tried all the other roles and understood all their strengths and weaknesses.


Sometimes novice players ask the question: “Why is a forester needed at all?”. The main reason for choosing a forester is to increase the total amount of experience and gold of the team. The presence of one forester in the team automatically leads to the fact that instead of two heroes, one remains on the top line (more often). This hero will accordingly receive more experience (experience will not be shared) and he will be able to finish off all minions on the line. Most likely, this hero will stand against the same lone opponent, as there is a high probability that the opponent’s team will also have a forester.

To explain the situation in a little more detail, you can take the first wave of minions. By killing all minions on 3 lines, the team gets approximately 333 gold (3 melee minions 20 gold, 3 ranged minions 17 gold and so on 3 lines). If this amount of gold will be divided between four heroes, and not five, then each champion will receive more gold. The forester himself is also not deprived of gold, as for a complete clearing of the forest (excluding the Dragon, Crab and Baron) the forester can receive 441 gold.

Of course, it will take more time to completely clear a forester than to clear one wave of minions, but these numbers show how effective it is to have one forester in the team. A self-made forester helps not only by his absence on the line. It performs multiple tasks, including supporting all lines and providing an overview of control points.

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