DRX and Suwon FC have agreed on the lease of Deft and Pyosik


DRX have announced on social media that they have made changes to their League of Legends lineup. The club will give two players on loan to Suwon FC. The latter have not yet announced their full League of Legends roster, but we already know the first two players who will represent the banners of the Korean soccer club.

Of course, such players don’t need smurf accounts, but for regular players, accounts can be purchased at happysmurf.com.

Suwon FC is a South Korean soccer club that was founded in 2003. In the Korean soccer league K League 1 in 2021, the club is ranked 5 out of 12 places.
Updated DRX roster


Suwon FC LoL squad will now have a jungler and a bottom line player. For a full roster, the club management will have to sign a topliner, a midfielder and a backline player.

DRX and Suwon FC have agreed on the lease of Deft and Pyosik

Hyuk-kyu ‘Deft’ Kim started his career as a professional player in League of Legends in February 2013 under the tag MVP Blue. He later played on rosters such as Samsung Galaxy Blue, EDward Gaming, KT Rolster, Hanwha Life Esports, and DRX.

With the latter, he first played with them between November 2018 and November 2020, after which he played with Hanwha Life Esports for a year. The collaboration with DRX resumed in December last year.

Deft’s career can well be called successful. The cyber athlete has major trophies Champions Spring 2014 (LCK), LPL Spring 2015, Mid-Season Invitational 2015, LPL Summer 2016, LCK Summer 2018 and Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS. The player also placed 3rd-4th at the 2014 World Championship and was the LPL Spring 2016 Vice Champion.

Throughout his time on the professional League of Legends scene, the player has earned more than $430,000, which is something not every cyber athlete manages to do.

DRX and Suwon FC have agreed on the lease of Deft and Pyosik

Jang-hyun ‘Pyosik’ Hong, for his part, does not have as much experience as his teammate. The player’s appearances have been limited to only one tag, DRX. He joined the cyber sports club in December 2019.

Together with his battle buddies, he placed 2nd at LCK Summer 2020 and LCK Regional Finals 2022, as well as placed 3rd at LCK Spring 2020 and 3rd-4th position in the KeSPA Cup 2019 standings.

Pyosik also managed to break into the top-8 of the 2020 World Championship, which was his most solid performance of his career. The performance in other championships left much to be desired.

The Korean player has earned over $46,000 throughout his career.

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