Why do you need to reconsider your diet after 40 years?


When youth gives way to maturity (40-45 years), it is necessary to reconsider the entire dietary regime. For a practically healthy, physically active person during this period, no special nutrition is required. First of all, don’t overeat. You should beware of abundant, infrequent nutrition; afternoon rest (even in a chair); a hearty dinner, especially before bed. The amount of salt consumed should be reduced to 10 grams. in a day. Significantly reduce the diet of confectionery products, fresh baked goods and fat-containing animal products, sugar. The daily dose of vegetable oil https://greenelly.com/ should be 20 grams. At this age, a person needs protein, a certain amount of milk and dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits. Nutrition needs to be balanced in all respects. It is especially important to get used to it and find time for 4-5 meals a day (preferably at the same time) in moderate quantities. Between main meals, you can snack on an apple, carrot or a piece of stale bread. To curb an unhealthy appetite, it is very useful to drink a glass of water before eating.Why do you need to reconsider your diet after 40 years?

A healthy diet should be combined with physical activity
Rational nutrition is an effective remedy against early old age, but only when it is combined (within the limits of possibilities) and supported by physical activity. Any activity and movement – both mental and muscular – leads not only to the expenditure of energy, but also to its accumulation. Breathing and heart function increase, so tissues and organs receive more nutrients and oxygen. Intensification of metabolic processes without overstraining organs and systems with an active lifestyle is an additional source of energy.

To delay old age and prolong a full active life, you need not only to eat right. It is necessary to breathe correctly, drink, move, relax, take care and think correctly – after all, correct thinking is the basis of everything.


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