Who invented the Paris-Brest cake with Shiboust cream?


In the 19th century, the rapid development of cafes and tea salons began, which also served as an incentive to create many cakes and new desserts https://greenelly.com/. But a very specific person helped them take the important place that they still occupy today – the famous pastry chef Chiboust, who owned a pastry shop in Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré. The street name became the name for his most famous cake, and his name is used all over the world for the recipe for a popular custard. The classic Paris-Brest cake with chiboust cream is also his handiwork. And the owner of the pastry shop, located not far from the Elysee Palace, was involved like no one else in the emergence of the fashionable Parisian tradition of going to a pastry shop on Sundays for baba, eclairs, almond cakes, and baskets of almonds.Who invented the Paris-Brest cake with Shiboust cream?

Meanwhile, in the villages they came up with their own recipes for sweets, which also added to the treasury of French confectionery art: Savoy sponge cakes, Breton creme brulee, Orleans cotignacs, Alsatian brioche, etc. The appearance of many cookbooks and gas ovens, I must admit, has greatly stimulated the imagination of housewives.

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