What meat is best for barbecue?


The choice of meat for barbecue depends on your preferences, budget and time. There are several main types of meat https://greenelly.com/ that are often used for barbecue:

Lamb is a meat with a rich taste and aroma that satisfies hunger well. Lamb is suitable for lovers of fatty and juicy meat. However, lamb can be off-flavored and tough if it is not properly selected and marinated. For barbecue, it is best to take the loin – the back part of the carcass, which is the softest and juiciest. You can also use tenderloin or spatula. Lamb should be marinated in spices and lemon juice or vinegar to remove the smell and make it more tender.
Pork is a tender, juicy meat that is suitable for most people. Pork is distinguished by its availability and variety of parts suitable for barbecue. The best cuts of pork are the neck, tenderloin or loin. They have enough fat to prevent the meat from drying out over the fire. Pork can be marinated in different sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, sour cream or yogurt. You can also add garlic, onion, pepper and other spices to taste.What meat is best for barbecue?
Beef is a meat high in protein and iron, which is well absorbed by the body. Beef is suitable for those who care about their health and figure. However, beef can be tough and dry if not cooked properly. For barbecue, tenderloin or ribs are best. They have a small amount of fat and are well soaked in marinade. Beef should be marinated in sour milk or kefir to soften its fibers. You can also add bay leaf, peppercorns and other spices to taste.
Rabbit meat is a dietary meat with low fat and cholesterol content, which is perfect for barbecue. It is easily digested and has a delicate taste. But rabbit meat can be a bit dry, so it needs to be soaked in cool water with lemon juice or grape vinegar for several hours. You can use any part of the rabbit for barbecue. Rabbit meat can be marinated in honey, soy sauce or pomegranate juice to give it a hint of sweetness.
Chicken is a low-fat, high-protein meat that is suitable for barbecue. It has a neutral taste and aroma, so you can experiment with different marinades and spices. The best parts of chicken to fry are the legs or breast. They have enough meat and skin to prevent the meat from drying out over the fire. Chicken can be marinated in turmeric, paprika, curry to give it a bright color and piquant taste.

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