What does the Dior Pre-Fall 2023 men’s collection look like, which Kim Jones developed together with NASA


Whether you’re drawn to the vastness of outer space or dream of starring in Denis Villeneuve’s epic Dune, you’ll have a lot in common with Kim Jones, creative director of Dior’s men’s segment. In the new season, he presented a collection inspired by intergalactic wanderers, adventurers and fans of retrofuturism.

The collection opened with suits complemented by elements of skirts, airy transparent jackets and elegant long cloaks reminiscent of Bedouin clothing. Against the backdrop of the majestic pyramids of Giza, where the show took place, models showed clothes with patterns reminiscent of space themes – detailed designs for which the Dior team turned to NASA for help.What does the Dior Pre-Fall 2023 men's collection look like, which Kim Jones developed together with NASA

Kim Jones said that in the desert, he always turns his gaze to the sky, inspired by the stars, which is reflected in the combination of desert colors and light textures with dark fabrics that create sound when moving, and space accessories in the form of helmets.

The collection included 75 looks, which symbolizes the anniversary of the Dior fashion house. Even through such details, Kim Jones conveys deep meaning and honors the famous founder of the brand, continuing his traditions.

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