Use of belts by loaders


First, let’s figure it out and tell you what rigging belts are. The main purpose is fast, easy and optimal transportation of heavy items. There is a waist and back-chest rigging belt that is worn on loaders to reduce the load. They look like two pairs of suspenders connected by long straps. Of course, all parts are quite durable and reliable. The complete set consists of: four carabiners, chest systems (the braces themselves), which perform the function of fastening and fixing, the weight is a little more than one kilogram, and the length is up to 4 meters (it can also be adjusted). Their types: basically there is no special difference between them, the only difference is in the quality, load-carrying capacity and strength of the materials. The maximum weight that can be lifted is up to 450 kilograms. Differences:Use of belts by loaders

Material (nylon, polypropylene fiber);
Additional elements (gaskets that minimize friction);
Spare parts;
Bags or cases in which belts are stored.

Firstly, in no case should the parts hang on the body; they need to be pulled up so that they fit snugly and closely to the loader’s body. Secondly, before starting work, you need to make sure that the load lies well and then you can start. Their use ensures that the process will go smoothly and the furniture will not be affected during transportation.

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