Transporting indoor plants in cold weather


Plants are an integral part of homes, schools and offices. They are not only interior items, but for many they are best friends, they also freshen the air and remove toxins. It is important to keep them safe, especially if they are valuable or remind you of someone. Let’s consider recommendations for transporting indoor plants during a difficult time of year for them from Follow these steps to ensure the flora is not damaged.

Three weeks before moving, transplant the flowers into an unbreakable (plastic) pot.
Trim away dead leaves. First, they will feel better and healthier. Secondly, they will be more convenient to transport and, of course, aesthetically, a small transformation will always be beneficial.
Three days before moving – water the flowers, but do not overwater, because the water may freeze.Transporting indoor plants in cold weather
On the day of transportation, you will need to pay a lot of attention to packaging, especially if the journey is long. Tie large branches (if any) so that they do not interfere with the insulation and warming of the flowers. Then wrap it with several layers of stretch film, it will keep the heat inside. The pot can be placed in a regular box; if the plant does not fit completely, you can secure the box lid with tape. Also, to prevent the flower from moving inside the container, you should fill the void, for example, with crumpled paper. Before bringing the plant into the car, you need to warm it up, since it must travel in a warm place. After arriving home, let it sit wrapped for a couple of hours, then unpack it. It is important that it be in the same temperature conditions, the same lighting and moisture as in the previous apartment. So, the flora has been transported, you can transplant it back into the old pot. Follow our advice and you will succeed!

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