The history of the most mysterious photograph of Marilyn Monroe


One of the most mysterious photographs of Marilyn Monroe is a shot in which she sits on an embankment overlooking New York. In it, Monroe is not just beautiful – she looks thoughtful and vulnerable, which few people are used to seeing in the image of an ever-shining and smiling star.

The story of this photograph began with the fact that the photographer who took the photo met Marilyn by chance when she was walking along the embankment in her free time from filming. He asked her for a photo shoot and she agreed. Marilyn was not dressed in the fluffy dresses that she often wore for public appearances. Instead, she wore a simple sweater and tight pants, making her look more personal and natural.

The photograph lacks the theatricality and glamor that characterized most of her photo shoots. Her pose, gaze directed into the distance, eyes slightly covered with hair and slightly open mouth – all this creates the feeling that this is not a world celebrity, but an ordinary woman with deep emotions.

This photograph of Marilyn reflects another side of her life – a solitary and reflective side that she rarely showed to the public. Perhaps this is why it has become so famous and discussed, because it allows you to look at Monroe from a completely different angle and think about what is hidden behind the bright image of the star.

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