The art of French appetizers: from tradition to experimentation


Today, salads are also commonly classified as appetizers. Moreover, both in restaurants and in home kitchens, this is a fertile field for experimentation, where almost any product can be used, and sauces, so beloved by the French, come in very handy here. As for fish, the most popular appetizers based on it are carpaccio, tartars and simply assorted seafood, fresh or grilled – mussels, shrimp, clams, lobster, scallops Saint-Jacques. The French table cannot do without the famous foie gras or other homemade pates and, of course, savory pastries – quiches, puff pastries, open pies, timbales, valovans. There will be peasant sausages, and spaghetti, ravioli and quenelles that have taken root in the fertile soil, and traditionally local egg snacks, and soufflé with various vegetables – artichokes, asparagus, carrots, leeks. By the way, the French know how not only to invent something new, but also to remain faithful to the old: if you read the surviving medieval menus, you will find out that baked melon crusts, oyster pie, minced meat pate, baked cheese in molds, etc. were served as appetizers back then. d. I won’t lie about the melon rinds, but you can still find oyster pie if you try hard enough.The art of French appetizers: from tradition to experimentation

By the way, one more secret: in some cafes and bistros in France, you can safely take an appetizer as a main course – the portions there are quite large, and you most likely won’t have any energy left for anything else. However, this applies mainly to large cities, where restaurateurs have to take into account that their customers often have very little time to eat, and there may simply not be enough for two courses.

Perhaps no other meal change can boast such popularity. Snacks are eaten instead of hot dishes to save money or lighten the diet, they replace soups, and order them instead of heavy side dishes. If you take the leaves of green salads as a basis, then you really can’t imagine anything easier.


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