Teen activist sues Greenpeace over harmful anti-nuclear protests


The environmental organization Greenpeace has found itself at the epicenter of yet another trial. A young activist from Sweden, Ia Anstut, is sure that the anti-nuclear protests of Greenpeace representatives should be stopped. The teenager turned to the European Court to convey to the “greens” the seriousness of his position. In his opinion, the environmental group is seriously outdated in its views of the world.

Anstut argues his position by the fact that nuclear energy is no less environmentally friendly than solar and wind. But the protests of environmentalists do not allow investments to feed this important industry that can provide the world with clean energy in the required volumes. Greenpeace should reconsider its attitude towards the “peacefulTeen activist sues Greenpeace over harmful anti-nuclear protests atom”, and understand that this is a real solution not only to the impending energy crisis, but also to the deterioration of the environmental situation in Europe.

Now more than 30% of Europe’s clean energy comes from nuclear power plants, so protests against nuclear energy are not only pointless, but also harmful. Humanity must use this resource to its advantage. Anstut and his small team are confident that the adoption of their lawsuit by the European Court of Justice will help change the situation, draw attention to the development of peaceful nuclear technologies and encourage investment in this promising energy sector.

The changing public opinion is also important. Nuclear power has changed markedly over the past decades, new technologies have come in that have made it safer and more efficient. The global situation on the planet has also changed dramatically, and Greenpeace veterans should understand and accept this. However, Greenpeace challenged in court the decision to recognize nuclear energy as environmentally friendly.

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