Some practical tips on how to send paintings safely


Let’s start by call and separating paintings that have average economic value from paintings that have high economic value.

Pictures of average economic value
If your painting is protected by glass, the first thing you need to do is put tape on the glass, forming the letter X. This little trick will help the glass maintain its integrity if it cracks during delicate transportation. As for the tape used for this operation, we recommend the same tape that painters use, paper, yellowish in color, because when it later has to be removed, it will not leave marks on the glass. If not, you can also use regular box tape.
Second tip: Place a layer of bubble wrap on the front of the painting, which is the most delicate part and the main part that needs to be protected. Wrap your painting in two or three layers of bubble wrap, as it is important that the protection is sufficient to ensure the complete integrity of the work and to ensure that it does not take any nasty knocks.
Another important tip: Wrap the entire package with regular packaging tape to protect the privacy of the painting during transit.
If you need to move many paintings, it is best to seal them individually and then place them in a large box containing a maximum of three paintings. There are also boxes that adapt to the height of the painting to further protect the most exposed parts, such as the edges of the frame. Increased attention at this stage guarantees complete integrity of the work during transportation. You will have peace of mind by finding a solution to your main issue related to the safe delivery of paintings.Some practical tips on how to send paintings safely

Paintings of high economic value
If you operate an art gallery or museum and are arranging for the transport of paintings that have inestimable economic value, you will also need to evaluate the use of special wooden crates suitable for international transport. These boxes will guarantee high resistance to any impact and sudden climatic changes.
Also consider foam corners to better absorb vibrations created by shipping, which can seriously damage the edges of your artwork. They are characterized by a flexible shape, ideal for varying thicknesses.
Labels with shock messages or indicators. Shock indicators are capable of changing color if the package or case is turned over during transport. This will allow you to immediately report this on the shipping document, giving you the opportunity to check it and ensure the complete integrity of the artwork. This special measure is necessary for works of inestimable value because, thanks to the hard plastic coating, it prevents thieves from replacing or counterfeiting your painting.


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