Secrets of cooking meat


So what do you need to know when you start cooking? First of all, you need to learn how to determine the freshness of meat – its color should be bright red. Certain cuts of meat need at least a few days to become more tender and flavorful. This is the middle rump, rump, beef edge. The degree of roasting is best determined with a thermometer, but if you don’t have one, then you’ll have to feel it.

How to learn to check doneness by touch?

The following method has proven itself well. Place the ends of the thumb and index finger on your left hand together, and then use your right index finger to touch the central muscle on your left hand. Its elasticity is equal to that of cooked raw meat.Secrets of cooking meat

Change the index finger of your left hand to the middle finger – get the degree of doneness of the meat with blood. By connecting the ring finger with the thumb and repeating the manipulation, we obtain the elasticity corresponding to the complete readiness of the meat. Finally, the joined little finger and thumb will give an idea of how well-done the meat should be.

Sometimes different parts of horse meat and beef are served raw – this mostly applies to fillet, rump steak, and entrecote. The meat is heated to a temperature of 35 degrees. Cooking time is directly proportional to the thickness of the meat.

Different ways of preparing red meats emphasized the individuality of French cuisine. In France, meat dishes are now the second most frequently consumed after vegetables. However, it is important to remember that it is important to dose this product without getting carried away with it beyond measure. The key to a balanced, healthy diet is a carefully composed menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner eaten throughout the week. Each dish should be thoughtful so that the calorie-rich product is not repeated too often and, most importantly, is accompanied by vegetables, which are recommended to be consumed in their raw, unprocessed form.

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