Rules for transporting LCD TVs


Today, televisions have grown much larger and thinner, so their transportation requires greater care and thrift and calling If you pack them incorrectly, you can say goodbye to them. Therefore, you need to know several rules for packaging, as well as for transporting LCD (liquid crystal) televisions.Rules for transporting LCD TVs

The first rule is packaging, initially the manufacturer copes with this task quite well, but if the factory packaging is damaged or you no longer have it, then you can do it yourself. You should purchase a box, polystyrene foam or paralon, it must be placed between the walls of the box and the equipment, this is done so that the LCD does not move in different directions. Next, for even greater safety, you can wrap the TV with bubble wrap and to avoid getting the box wet, you need to wrap it with stretch film and secure it with tape.
The second rule is that you need to correctly place and securely secure the load inside the car. It is recommended to place the equipment in a natural position (vertically), with the screen facing the board. You also need to secure the electronics with special belts, which are found in every vehicle for transportation.
The most important rule for transporting LCD TVs, monitors, plasma panels, as well as any electronics is good packaging, loading, fixing and high-quality work of the movers. The safety of your cargo directly depends on them.

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