Proper use of bubble wrap when moving


Air film, together with wrapping paper and tape, do an excellent job of protecting any type of equipment, dishes, as well as anything breakable (objects of non-standard shape) in the process of moving from It has all the advantages, such as being easy to use (wrap it around an object and secure it with tape), not too expensive, and protects against dust, dirt, scratches, and any damage. A few more advantages: it is environmentally friendly, it is absolutely harmless to humans and the environment, and it is also lightweight, it will not add weight to the boxes. The sizes of the bubbles can vary from 5-30 millimeters, and they can also have different shapes. The air that is inside is not pumped in there with special devices, but is formed there during the production process. How to use it correctly, because the film has two sides, flat and with bubbles.Proper use of bubble wrap when moving

The bubble side holds items better.
The flat side allows you to write and makes it easier to apply tape.
Packaging dishes Plates, saucers, vases, glasses, cups and other glass or porcelain dishes require careful packaging, namely, first wrap them in paper and a second layer of film. Place in boxes and fill the void with paper to prevent the components from moving around inside the box. The plates can be stacked and secured, and then follow the algorithm. And in dishes with emptiness inside (glasses, wine glasses, vases, cups) you will need to remove it using paper. Packaging of equipment It is better to transport all equipment, especially expensive ones, in the original packaging, but if this has not been preserved, then you can purchase suitable boxes in the store, but before that wrap them with film.

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