Preparing the workplace for relocation


Every office someday faces a move with, expansion, or, conversely, a reduction in jobs or positions involves a change of office. Therefore, before the trip, you should collect your personal belongings; if all employees collect and pack only their own things, then the office will become much easier to transfer and pack things of general use. Buy the necessary packaging materials or when ordering a car and loader services, indicate how much and what you need. Place documents, office supplies and accessories in boxes, but do not exceed the weight of more than 30 kilograms. And also do not forget that heavy things should be placed at the bottom of the box, and lighter ones at the top. Label thePreparing the workplace for relocation boxes correctly so that the loaders correctly distribute the cargo in the car. Start packing a few days before the move; you may have to disassemble some of the furniture. On each box you can indicate who it belongs to. And in the new office, allocate space for everyone, think about the arrangement of tables so that everyone is comfortable. It is better to schedule the day of transportation on a weekend, usually at this time everyone has a weekend, so the roads will be empty and you will quickly get from point to point. Lay out and pack all appliances and household appliances. So, things have been transported, now you need to start assembling the furniture (but remember that movers can do this, unpack equipment and boxes). After arranging the tables and connecting the equipment, start sorting out your personal belongings. After this, get used to the new place and the expansion of the area. May your move be a success.


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