Packaging of dishes


Knives, forks, a corkscrew, as well as any other items that can damage the cardboard, should be wrapped in thick cloth and then placed in a box. There is another way to transport sharp objects: they are placed in a bucket or call In this case, sharp objects can be packed less carefully. Buckets are also convenient to use for transporting dishes.Packaging of dishes

It is advisable to place bubble wrap or newspapers at the bottom of the box for kitchen utensils. When packing dishes, it is better to line the plates with a soft cloth, and fill the glasses with newspapers and also wrap them in something soft.

Kitchen “small things”, if they are not fragile, for example, plastic lids, corks, vegetable peelers, paper napkins, can be conveniently placed in a large pan, which is closed with a lid and secured with tape. The voids that remain inside the container must be filled with paper or rags.


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